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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 17, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good sunday morning, i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay," loud and clear protesters riled up over this weekend's deadly police shooting in san francisco march through city streets overnight. plus, community reaction to the killing of oscar grant's best friend. and she's a free woman this morning. casey anthony was released from prison overnight. what she faces outside prison walls. this is "today in the bay." and it is a foggy, drizzly,
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frizzy start to this sunday morning looking live at alcatraz where hair matters less than it does here in the studio. thank you for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez, along with meteorologist rob mayeda. you always check this out to see what the humidity is, don't you? >> you are my human hair hydrometer. we get this extra humidity, it's muggy outside, some people call them bad hair days. but it is a little muggy out there. 61 degrees in san jose. we also have drizzle flying around parts of the south bay. also in oakland this morning, 56 degrees. san francisco 58. then right around lunchtime we should see mostly sunny skies breaking out inland but temperatures still pretty cool. 76 in san jose, closer to 80 around gilroy and morgan hill. 60s for san francisco and oakland, but the seven-day is still talking about some warming changes as we get back to the workweek. a full look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> we look forward to it being a little warmer. thank you very much, rob. police in riot gear rush to
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a loud and angry demonstration overnight in san francisco's mission neighborhood. demonstrators chanted as they marched. bystanders say the protest may have been over yesterday's police shooting in the bayview. the crowd gathered near 19th and valencia streets just after midnight and walked to 16th street. the protest was over by 1:30 this morning. police were on hand to monitor the situation, but so far we're hearing no arrests. officers are investigating the shooting. a 19-year-old man was killed. as "today in the bay's" kimberly tere reports, police are reviewing cell phone video of that incident which does raise some incidents. >> reporter: he was one of many on a crowded street near third and oakdale in the bayview hunters point neighborhood saturday when shots rang out. >> we heard the first seven shots, but we seen it. i guess they hit him from around the corner, the first seven shots. by the time we seen the officer get in front of us, he gave him
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the last two shots while he was already down. >> reporter: san francisco police say they were attempting to detain a 19-year-old man on the muni platform about 4:45 p.m. when he ran from them. >> during the foot pursuit, we believe that the suspect fired backwards towards the police officers and at least one police officer returned fire at the suspect, wounding him. >> reporter: the suspect was taken to the hospital, where he later died. during the commotion, bystanders, including dixon, grabbed their cell phones and started recording what they saw. >> when i saw the police, i couldn't believe it. we didn't see any gun at all. we seen the whole thing from when he first ran to where he first got stopped, where he first laid at -- where he last laid at. >> no gun. >> no gun. they rolled him over and pat him down and search him while he's bleeding. >> reporter: police have not said yet whether a weapon was recovered or why the man was being detained. >> they sit there and watch that boy bleed out until the ambulance got here. >> reporter: there is rising tension between the police and
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the community. the two officers involved were doing inspections at muni at the time of the incident and witnesses say they saw the police approach the man about his muni transfer right before the shooting occurred. >> this shooting is under investigation by several different agencies and there's also video posted on youtube which reportedly shows a handgun lying about 20 feet from the suspect. police are investigating. the latest shooting death of a young african-american man in hayward is striking a nerve within that community. family and friends gathered for a vigil yesterday at a gas station where 25-year-old john caldwell was gunned down. someone walked up to his car in broad daylight friday afternoon and shot him several times. in a twist of fate, caldwell was best friends with oscar grant and was with him on the bart platform where grant was shot and killed by a bart police officer on new year's day of 2009. family and friends say these killings are exactly what's wrong with this community. >> you're killing our race,
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you're killing good men. black genocide is really something that needs to end. >> gun control. i'm crying out to the city to help us. let's melt these guns and throw them away. >> caldwell is survived by two young children. hayward police are still investigating. this morning casey anthony, the florida woman who was acquitted of murdering her own child, is now free after nearly three years behind bars in a very high profile trial. kristen dahlgren has the latest from orlando, florida. >> reporter: in the middle of the night, casey anthony emerged from the jail that's been her home for almost three years. >> that was probably one of the fastest walks i've seen. >> and after all the speculation, the jail official would say try to hide her release from public view, anthony walked right out the front door to a waiting suv and crowds of protesters. >> she should have spent the rest of her life in jail irks security was tight but jail
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officials said she received no other special treatment. >> they wanted to make sure that she didn't get any vip treatment. being that this is not a normal release, they didn't want to make it look like any other normal -- any than any other normal release. >> reporter: there is little else normal about this case. rarely has a trial been watched so closely by so many, and rarely has an acquittal brought so much anger. >> i have three children and i feel they're a gift from god. and to just bag them up and throw them away like they're trash in a swamp, it's sad. and it really hurts. >> reporter: and so at the site where little caylee's remains were found, crowds gathered too. >> goosebumps, chills, crazy, unbelievable. not like it's really happening. >> reporter: but outside the jail there was little question. casey anthony is now free. her suv tracked by news choppers, the 25-year-old on her way to a new life. kristen dahlgren, nbc news,
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orlando. back here at home, one person remains in an east bay hospital this morning after an overnight five-car crash on the sunol grade section of interstate 680 near fremont. the highway patrol says the crash happened just before 2:00 this morning on northbound 680 at the sheridan road overcrossing. the freeway is open again but at one point all northbound lanes were shut down until tow trucks could move the wreckage out of the way. the chp does report that the freeway was slightly wet because of that light precipitation that rob mentioned earlier. the injured person was taken to eden medical center in castro valley. fortunately, no one else was hurt. we still have more for you on "today in the bay." coming up, how bad is carmageddon really? did it become a reality this weekend in l.a.? we'll show you how traffic is flowing after the complete shutdown of a ten-mile stretch of 405 freeway. plus, it's not all work and no play for the crew of the space shuttle "atlantis." we'll show you what they're getting down to this morning. u r and stay asleep. so i wake up rested.
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hope your sunday morning is off to a nice, quiet start. the birds are out there looking for something this morning in san francisco right around the embarcadero. carmageddon, the complete shutdown of that ten-mile stretch of the 405 freeway in l.a. is turning out to be quite quiet. since friday night's shutdown, southern california motorists have stayed away from that ten-mile stretch as they were warned to do. now work crews are still demolishing an out of date overpass along the sepulveda pass. for weeks caltrans and l.a. city leaders warned drivers to steer clear of potential gridlock madness on the city's west side because of that shutdown, and it sounds like the city's hype has worked. traffic is lighter in the area than unusual and the freeway is scheduled to open just in time for the monday morning commute. a half million cars use that stretch of the 405 every day. if you have business travel planned for denver, you're going to want to call ahead. hail about an inch in diameter knocked out about a third of the frontier airlines airbus fleet
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at denver international airport. the airline is working to put passengers on other flights and is even planning on leasing other airlines' planes. nearly 200 flights have been cancelled since the hail started falling last wednesday. at a much higher altitude, the crew of the space shuttle "atlantis" is up and working this morning. ♪ >> not a bad way for the four-member crew to wake up. of course that was "celebration." they also got a video wake-up message from some of the houston space center workers who told them it was time to fire up their engines. the crew thanked the workers and said they chose the song to honor all of the people for their hard work over the years. astronauts have been fixing and hauling equipment aboard the international space station. we still have more ahead for you on "today in the bay." still to come. a little boy started drowning and people tried to get
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to him. we happened to be in the boat so we swung around and grabbed him. >> california rivers more dangerous than ever. staying safe and important information for anyone going near the water. and sunday waking up to some areas of drizzle, even some light rain in some of those hill tops in the east bay but we're expecting a warmup in your seven-day forecast. what it means for the rest of your weekend plans coming up. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year. see, i'm not just teaching woodwinds and strings. i'm teaching attitude! if your kids want to sound cool, they have to look cool!
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good morning to you, oakland. take a look at the clouds that are hanging overhead. the city, pretty shot, though, and it is a nice day to get out and enjoy some baseball weather. it's 80s weekend, isn't it? >> mc hammer bobblehead day for only the first 15,000 fans, so keep that in mind. head to the ballpark early if you want to catch that. right now 62 degrees in san jose. we've had some drizzle this morning, enough to wet the roads in a few spots so use caution if you're heading out this morning, including around oakland.
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56 degrees, west wind at 8:00. into san francisco, 57 degrees, northwest wind at 7. a few breaks in the clouds allowing for the sun to break through but another cool start to the morning and muggy outside. we've got drizzle and a lot of moisture in the air and that strong sea breeze which will ensure that our afternoon will stay mild again. now appreciate our weather because we have friends and family east of the sierra or the cascade range, you can see that about 80% of the country will see temperatures 90 degrees or hotter coupled with high humidity. so heat indexes, very brutal weather across the great plains and that trend will continue for a while. the reason why we can't warm up is we've got a system approaching the west coast, part of a dip in the jetstream. this is locking us into this mild, if not cool pattern for july today, tomorrow, probably until about tuesday before we start to see some warmer changes arrive as we pass the middle part of the week. in the meantime, mostly 60s and 70s inland, maybe closer to 80 around morgan hill. if you want to find more
7:16 am
summer-like weather, thursday and friday probably the days for you. you will see numbers in the 80s to maybe even some low 90s out by the tri-valley as that marine layer, which is very thick this morning, gets squished back down to the coast. once we pass midweek, we'll see temperatures on the rebound again. temperatures around the bay area today, 75 around san jose and 62 san francisco. you can see oakland 67 degrees. up towards the north bay we'll see those numbers mostly in the mid-70s for the afternoon and some 80s further inland for sacramento. even sacramento well below average for this time of year. so the seven-day forecast shows temperatures starting to climb once we pass midweek but this morning pattern of drizzle, then eventually breaking out to sunshine for the afternoon will stick around at least through tuesday. thursday and friday the warmest days in that seven-day forecast. right around this time next weekend it's actually going to act like july for a change. we'll get some 80s and 90s inland and 60s and 70s closer to the coast. >> we're ready to trade the drizzle for the sizzle. thanks, rob. in the summer months, bay area waterways are inviting, but
7:17 am
this winter's record rain of snowfall means rivers are moving fast and cold. "today in the bay's" marianne favro spent the day on the russian river and brings us some water safety tips. >> reporter: surrounded by majestic views, the russian river in sonoma county lures thousands of kayakers, swimmers and waders every summer, but don't let the calm water fool you. >> i've probably been to 80 or 100 drownings in 40 years. >> reporter: the most recent was here on fourth of july. a man drowned trying to save his girlfriend who couldn't swim. captain terry was cherching for the body when he heard a 13-year-old girl scream up river. >> she went under water one time. i was swimming up river to her. when she came back up, i grabbed her. >> reporter: minutes later, deanna rescued another young girl, pulling her into this boat. and then -- >> a little boy started drowning and some people were trying to get to him.
7:18 am
so we happened to be in the boat. so we swung around and grabbed him. >> reporter: of the three that nearly drowned out here july 4th, we know at least two of them could not swim at all and none of them were wearing a life vest. this sign warns of darngngers, we found a few kids and adults swimming just a few feet from it. >> watch your children. all three of the children rescued, we never did see their parents, which means no one was watching them. >> reporter: the only thing predictable about the river is that it's unpredictable. this sandbar formed here for the first time in 20 years. now waders can be in two feet of water, take just a few steps and suddenly find themselves in water ten feet deep that's flowing fast. >> i just noticed that there was a very swift current here. as soon as we got in the water, we could feel ourselves being dragged. >> we haven't had this kind of trouble that i can remember in the 31 years i've been here. >> reporter: rescuers say inner tubes, bookie boards and blow-up rafts give people a false sense of security and are no
7:19 am
substitute for a life vest. drinking and swimming also increases your risk of drowning. with late rains, the water level is higher than usual, but rescuers say you can still enjoy the russian river. >> seeing it right now and having heard the stories, you know, we're wearing life jackets and we're being, you know, hypervigilant. >> reporter: just allow common sense to be your lifeline. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a new app is changing the way bicyclists work out. the map my ride app maps your routes, tracks biking activity and even helps you develop healthy eating activities. i wouldn't check it while i was riding, though, the heart of the program is in its recordkeeping. it uses gps to map the ride, record speed, distance and calories burned. it also works for people to w.h.o. jog. the basic app is free. a deluxe version is available for a small fee. for the first time ever, safeway stores are holding a summer food drive. organizers say there is an
7:20 am
increasing need for food for low-income families in the summer months when children don't get fed at school. food banks also report donations drop during the summer months. that's why safeway stores stepped up and are asking their customers to do the same. for $10, you can buy a prefilled grocery bag filled with things like tuna, peanut butter, cereal and other non-perishable items. this is patricia blackwell, she received some of that food at our union city home. she said she and her five children and two grandchildren are very grateful for that help. >> i can eat, we will survive, we will not go hungry and we will be able to bathe, brush our teeth. it's -- i'm thankful that somebody can help. >> the safeway summer food drive continues until next sunday. remember, no donation is too small. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, world cup action. we'll show you where you can
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and sutter health -- our story is you. the u.s. women's soccer team is playing for the world cup title today. they take on a japanese team looking to inspire their entire nation still recovering from that devastating earthquake and tsunami earlier this year. the u.s. women's team has won the world cup twice, the last time in 1999. we have the scoop on bay area viewing parties so you don't have to watch alone. the party starts at 11:45 at san francisco civic center plaza with a big screen outside. in san jose, san jose is hosting an outdoor party with a big screen at 1st and san carlos. and if you want to watch the game in the east bay and indoors, the new ring theater is opening its doors for a free viewing. in the north bay you can watch it at larkspur's lake theater. if the u.s. wins it will be america's first championship since 1999.
7:24 am
there are plenty of bay area faces on that u.s. team. joe rosato jr. shows us why the bay area is such a hot bed for top soccer players. >> reporter: far from the international stage in germany, where the u.s. women's soccer team is set to take on japan in the finals of the world cup, teresa noyola was dialing up her own footwork magic on an empty soccer pitch at stanford university. she powered through drill after drill. skills she's honed since joining her first team at the age of 7. >> as i look back on it, it's like some of the best days that i had. it was super fun and i got really good training. >> reporter: she now plays for stanford and mexico's national team is a product of the bay area soccer fields. a region known for building soccer stars.
7:25 am
bay area youth teams like mvla mercury black in the south bay are a launching pad for serious players. kids in their early teens travel the country competing, drawing attention from college recruiters. it's where noyola got her start. >> i think it's the little clubs like this that start developing skill really early. >> reporter: youth soccer camps like this one today at stanford attract players from around the world. >> the good thing about soccer is there's a different level for everyone. if you want that intensity, you can have it. if you don't, you can have that too. >> reporter: but the bay area has one more secret weapon in its soccer arsenal, the weather. >> it's definitely a privilege to have this weather and be able to train year around in the sun. >> reporter: if you need evidence of the bay area soccer prowess, just look at stanford. the university has five current and former players in this year's women's world cup, three playing for the u.s. stanford star noyola has her own
7:26 am
goal in mind. she hopes to play in the next world cup in 2015. unfortunately, for the u.s., the mexico native would play for the country of her birth. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. stanley burrell grew up and was a bat boy for the oakland a's. he never made it to the majors as a player but the young man would hit it big on the music scene as mc hammer. as the a's take on the angels at the coliseum today, the famous rapper will throw out the first pitch and be honored with his own bobblehead doll. it is the first time that a major league baseball team has honored a rapper with a bobblehead. if you plan to go to the game, you'll need to get there early to get a bobblehead. you have to be among the first 15,000 fans. over his 20-year career, mc hammer has sold 50 million albums and perhaps isest known for his 1990s smash album "please hammer don't hurt him." much more ahead on "today in
7:27 am
the bay." still to come, protesters make their voices heard drawing police in riot gear in san francisco. le calus why a rnlifoaw lr iakemahigh-profile carnfoaw lcamaker can breathe a bit easier this morning despite death threats against her. less isn't more, it's less. and the only thing more than more is a lot more. which is exactly what i get at embassy suites. more space... more down time. more family time. -more me time. -more me time. -more me time. because the more more i have, the more i have to have... more. [ female announcer ] more room. complimentary drinks. free breakfast. embassy suites hotels.
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good sunday morning to you. take a live look at some of the shipping containers flowing out of the bay this morning. we can see the bay bridge in the distance, and of course lots of cloud around the bay area. some drizzle too. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. and we all want to know, right, when is the gray going away? >> well, it's going to go away at least inland around lunchtime. right now we've got a lot of low clouds and actually some drizzle around san jose this morning. if you've got some wet roads, that's the reason y we're at 62
7:30 am
degrees, kind of a muggy and mild start for most of us. 57 in san francisco. oakland 56 with a few sunny breaks popping up around the east bay. as we've been talking about, it is '80s day out at the ballpark. temperatures will be in the mid-60s through the game time and you want to wear a jacket, things will be cool as the game continues there. obviously lots of drizzle in spots this morning. then lunchtime we'll break out of the gray at least for inland valleys, but our temperatures are still way below average. only the warmest places today near 80 degrees inland. the seven-day finally gets us back into july, which this monday is still apparently july, it just doesn't feel like it outside. we'll finally see 80s and 90s coming back. we'll have a look at that coming up in the full forecast. new this morning, extra police patrols out in force in san francisco this morning hours after a loud and angry protest began after midnight, which is likely over a fatal officer-involved shooting in the city. [ chanting ]
7:31 am
this is what it looked like earlier this morning at 19th and valencia streets. more than 100 people were part of a vocal protest which wrapped up around 1:30 this morning at the bart station. bystanders say this morning's protest may have been over saturday's officer-involved shooting in the city's bayview district. that's where police shot and killed a 19-year-old man. two officers involved in the shooting were in bayview as part of increased patrols to curb the violence there. the officers told investigators that the late afternoon shooting was done in self defense. they say they were attempting to detain the man, who was on a muni platform. the man ran from them, they say. the officers then gave chase and investigators say it is believed he fired shots at officers as he ran. however, bystanders say the man may not have even had a gun. >> we didn't see any gun at all. we seen the whole thing from when he first ran to where he first got stopped at, where he first laid at -- where he last laid at. >> and no gun anywhere. >> no gun. they rolled him over and pat him
7:32 am
down and search him. >> investigators say at least one of the officers returned fire, wounding the man. police have yet to say whether a weapon was recovered or why they needed to detain the man in the first place. family and friends of a 25-year-old man shot and killed in hayward gathered for a vigil last night. the victim in the deadly shooting was also involved in one of the most high-profile shootings in the bay area in the past few years. as diane dwyer reports, this latest killing has struck a raw nerve in that african-american community. >> give us mobility and understanding as to ensure that this will never happen again. >> reporter: what they want to never happen again, they say, is the senseless death of a young black man in their community. family and friends of 25-year-old john caldwell gathered for a candlelight vigil at the gas station in hayward, just across the street from st. rose hospital, where he was gunned down. >> he was just at the gas station. like you and i.
7:33 am
>> reporter: police say someone walked up to caldwell's car at about 5:30 in broad daylight and shot him multiple times. it doesn't appear random, they say. family members say this killing is especially difficult, because caldwell was best friends with oscar grant. grant is the man who was shot and killed by a bart police officer on new year's day in 2009. caldwell was on that bart platform that night as well, and filed a $5 million civil rights lawsuit against bart. that case has not yet gone to trial. the two families are close and caldwell was godfather to grant's child and the trauma is overwhelming, they say. and family members say caldwell's killing is a glaring example of just what's wrong in their community. >> you're killing our race. you're killing good men. black genocide is really something that needs to end. >> gun control. i'm crying out to the city to help us. let's melt these guns and throw them away. >> reporter: caldwell had two
7:34 am
young children, and family members say he was a good father. he was trying to break the stereo types. but now his children too will grow up without a father, just as he did. >> he loved his children. he wanted to be a positive role model. he wanted to be the dad that his dad wasn't for him. >> police say they are still trying to determine a motive in that shooting and have not identified a suspect. a bay area man is under arrest on suspicion of making death threats against senator barbara boxer. san rafael police arrested kevin joseph o'connell near his home yesterday. the 47-year-old is in jail on $500,000 bail. officers say they received reports that the threatening messages were left on voice mail at boxer's office. o'connell will head to court tuesday to face those charges. a funeral will be held later today for the woman whose body was found burning at an oakland neighborhood. police found monica rhodes body last thursday morning. the 21-year-old appears to have
7:35 am
suffered trauma before her body was left there and burned. oakland police have reviewed -- rather interviewed a person of interest who may have been with her the night she died. she is survived by a 3-year-old son. a fund-raiser car wash will be held at oakland's east lake ymca today to help pay for funeral costs and to help a trust fund in her son's name. san jose police are investigating a deadly overnight pedestrian accident. the incident happened on monterey highway near old tully road on saturday just after 9:45 in the evening. a woman in her mid-30s was struck by a dodge caravan. she was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver remained for questioning by investigators. monterey highway was closed in both directions for several hours. a south bay boy is suffering life-threatening injuries after he was struck by an suv while he was on his bike. the accident happened on hicks avenue in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose. an suv struck the 12-year-old boy about a quarter after 10:00
7:36 am
in the morning yesterday. he was taken to santa clara valley medical center and doctors say he is expected to survive his injuries. the driver was questioned by police and was released without charges pending the completion of an investigation. in just a few hours, more than 25,000 people will be walking to raise support for aids research. this year marks the 25th anniversary aids walk san francisco. festivities start at 9:45 this morning and it will be held at golden gate park. organize rz srs say more than $ million has been raised since it first started back in 1987. much more ahead on "today in the ow h com howo t spot loan scams before companies make off with your hard-earned cash. ♪
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good morning. taking a live look at san jose and a quick congratulations to the san jose giants, who won their 11th straight game. not too shabby.
7:39 am
millions of americans fighting foreclosure are signing up for programs promising to help modify their loans, but some bay area homeowners say they paid thousands of dollars and got nothing in return. "today in the bay's" vicky nguyen takes us in-depth with what homeowner can say do to protect themselves. >> old glory flies in front of a modest home in san jose's villages. but judy almost lost everything when she signed up with she said she wanted to modify her home loan and lower her monthly payment and she heard about the company from her san jose police friends, many of whom also signed on to the program. >> they had given a presentation at the police officers association. so i'm thinking it wasn't too good to be true because who else would have enough nerve to go to a police officers association. >> reporter: besides, she says the contract came with a full money-back guarantee. >> so i signed up for it. >> how much did you pay up
7:40 am
front? >> $4,000. >> did you ever see that money again? >> no, i never saw it again. >> what did you get for that $4,000? >> a lot of e-mails back and forth, a lot of aggravation. >> reporter: judy says she waited months for help, but every time she asked the question for an update, they stalled. >> it was the same e-mail they kept sending me over and over again, that they had talked to the bank. then they kept asking me for the same paperwork again. >> reporter: turns out she's one of at least 90 homeowners in santa clara county now part of a growing lawsuit, alleging rewire my loan took up to $4,995 each from victims and did nothing to modify their loans or refund their money, as promised. >> generally it's between the $2,000 to $6,000 range. most private attorneys will not try to help you get that money back because it wouldn't be worth it. so that's been a real problem for those of us trying to stop the scams. >> reporter: attorney jessica frye says just in february of
7:41 am
2010, some 3100 people of california have registered complaints totaling $11 million in losses. she says unscrupulous loan modification companies are difficult to prosecute because they're often fly-by-night operations. >> they open and close shop very, very quickly. >> reporter: these scam alerts are now going out to homeowners. they say you should avoid any company that asks you to pay money up front. that's illegal in california. second, if the company skz you to stop talking to your bank, another red flag. and finally if that company asks you to start paying your mortgage to them instead of your bank, run. homeowners should go to prevent loan they can report problems there and also get help getting their money back. we contacted the ceo and attorney for but on the advice of their attorneys, they declined to comment on our story. meanwhile, judy found a way to stay in her home. she put it up for a short sale which forced the bank to contact
7:42 am
her. they modified her loan and it didn't cost her a dime. >> this is where i want to stay forever. i can't imagine living someplace else. >> reporter: and now she won't have to. vicky nguyen, "today in the bay." >> the current lawsuit is before a judge to be certified as a class action lawsuit. in the meantime, if you think you've become the victim of a loan modification scam, go to and search loan for information. still more ahead on "today in the bay." the disturbing picture g of scotland yard in relation to britain's phone hacking scandal.
7:43 am
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not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. california's budget battle was center stage -- first let's take a live look at oakland, there you go. pretty picture of oakland. center stage was the budget talks in sacramento, but while lawmakers were working on that deal, they were also carving out new policies in other areas, including illegal immigration.
7:45 am
for more let's bring in larry gerston. good morning to you first. >> good morning. >> so are we seeing a shift in direction? and what are we talking about in terms of our immigration policy here in california? >> yeah, it seems that way, it really does, at least for now. look, it wasn't that many years ago that californians voted in english in terms of being the state's official language. they also voted out affirmative action. let's remember that as well. they also tried to disallow benefits for illegal immigrants, all kinds of agreements, until this court said otherwise. you put all that together, you know, and the state was really going in a different direction. but now the legislature is moving in another direction altogether. and with that, you see different things happening. last year, for example, the legislature said it's okay to allow illegal immigrants to attend public institutions of higher education. this year it looks like they're saying it's okay for them to accept private financial aid. well, these are steps. they're steps allowing
7:46 am
immigrants to involve themselves in california, even if they are undocumented. >> let's talk about the change in heart and does it have to do with the election? >> i think a lot of it has to do with numbers. if you think about it, latinos are now approaching 40% of the state's population. that's a huge number. and while they're not the only undocumented immigrants, they're most of the undocumented immigrants. we have others as well. in addition to that, we're talking about political power. for the first time in a long time, we've got control of the legislature and control of the executive branch of both in the democratic party so that allows for a little synchronization. you put that together and it speaks to the determination of one legislator, an assemblyman from southern california, who has been pushing assistance for undocumented immigrants for some time. you put all that together and it looks like the state is moving in another direction. >> what does this mean long term for the state, then? a lot of immigration policies, federal policies and not state
7:47 am
policies. >> it's awfully hard to tell. sociologially, for example, it speaks that we will see efforts continue to integrate undocumented immigrants into california. that seems to be moving in that direction. politically, there's another thing to look at. we can expect latinos to continue their loyalty to democrats in disproportionately large numbers. it's been very beneficial for democrats. republicans have yet to figure that out. finally, once the air clears in this whole deal and we begin to see appreciation and acceptance of the role of undocumenteds, i think you'll see somebody come back again and say, look, it's time to get these folks driver's licenses. they did this several times during the schwarzenegger administration. every time it got to the governor, he vetoed it. but the time may now be right. last year for the first year in a long time, we did not have any net illegal immigration in this country. it's all stopped. mostly because of two things. one, the economy here has gone
7:48 am
in the tank and second, the economy in other places has improved so why go someplace else. so the mood in the country and the state is really changing. as that happens, i think we can expect to see more accommodating legislate sglgs all right, thank you very much, larry. a reminder, you can always get larry's political insight any time on prop zero is his blog. another meeting could be held at the white house today to find a plan to deal with the nation's debt. the obama administration wants to increase borrowing while reducing long-term deficits and also wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, something republicans are opposed to. if an agreement isn't reached by august 2nd, the government will exceed its $14 trillion debt ceiling. funding to basic programs like military salaries and federal courts could be cut. interest rates on loans could rise and social security checks may not be in the mail. new information is surfacing about just how much scotland yard knew about the news of the world newspaper scandal.
7:49 am
for more than four years, 11,000 pages of handwritten notes about the phone hacking scandal sat in the evidence room of the police station in england untouched. apparently no one decided to read them. that is despite the fact that senior officials with scotland yard reported during that time from 2006 to 2010 that there was no evidence of a widespread scandal. and now the testimony that emerged recently indicate that it might not have been by accident that police and the news organization may have colluded to limit the investigation. the scandal, by the way, centers on allegations that employees of rupert murdoch's news of the world hacked into the cell phones of celebrities and a school girl who was murdered as well as the families of london terror victims for cash and story scoops. meantime, news corp ceo rupert murdoch is apologizing for the scandal once again. he ran ads in u.k. newspapers this weekend saying he was deeply sorry for the victims' suffering and for what he called
7:50 am
serious wrongdoing. murdock shut down the newspaper and accepted the resignations of news corp's top two newspaper executives and there may have been arrests today. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come -- >> the 2001 al west champion banner dating back, he's got the kids. >> getting down his own way. we'll catch up with th dancing fan who's getting quite a bit of attention. >> that's pretty funny. let's show you what's going on in sunol right now. low clouds, misty skies in many parts of the bay morning. we'll morning. we'lhave a lool k at the rest of your weekend forecast when we come back. k beth!
7:51 am
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7:53 am
francisco, 56 in oakland. it is muggy outside. we're waking up to some low 60s and it's drizzling outside and you'll notice that, kind of sticky out there, especially out towards concord and fairfield this morning. 58 in santa cruz. yesterday we managed mid-70s in santa cruz, maybe getting close to that later on this afternoon. we still have a healthy sea breeze reaching inland into s b solano county. temperatures just not what you expect to see for this time of year. but east of the sierra and east of the cascade ranges, we have temperatures 90 degrees or hotter for most of the country. we will see heat indexes or a combination of air temperature plus humidity getting close to 110 degrees for most of the central and southern plains, so some dangerous heat off to the east. but for us it's the opposite. not only do we have the clouds, we actually have some rain up on the north coast heading up to crescent city here in july. this is part of a weather system that is keeping the onshore winds going. you can see this system kind of spinning down the coast, adding a little extra lift to some of the low clouds around parts of
7:54 am
our inland north bay valleys, which is helping to wring out a little drizzle and light rain. now, the system as it goes on by will get the sea breeze going again today. probably into tomorrow we'll start to see high pressure trying to build back but it will probably be until tuesday or wednesday until our temperatures finally start to warm up around the bay area. statewide if you're heading to southern california, we'll see some 80s and 90s around the valleys near los angeles and 75 in san diego. palm springs starting to look more like palm springs, 107 degrees, so temperatures today warming up in southern california. then eventually we'll see some of that heat spilling back into our inland tri-valley locations by the middle part of the week. from there's you see 83 in sacramento and 74 for south lake tahoe. around the bay area one of the warmest spots should be around los gatos or morgan hill. we should still get into the low 80s there, maybe mid-70s for san jose. then noticeably cooler as you get into the inner bay from oakland over to san francisco and across our north bay locations. we'll see those highs in the 70s. so the seven-day forecast will
7:55 am
start to warm up inland valleys especially by wednesday and thursday. i think we're going to finally see some 90s popping up around, say, the end of the week for livermore and out towards fairfield. and we should be much warmer for next weekend. none of this drizzly stuff in july like we're seeing outside this morning. >> yeah, we're done with the drizzle. >> i think so. >> thank you very much. no, i mean i'm done. i am done. i'm over it. well, your commute could be a lot smoother this week. there will be new metering lights on monday between pleasanton and milpitas. meters will be activated on 15 on-ramps along southbound interstate 680 stretching from stoneridge drive in pleasanton to the highway 237 interchange in milpitas. the lights will stay green throughout the week to alert drivers that they're coming, but they will be switched back to normal the following monday. looking for something to do today, how about the mountain view annual obone festival.
7:56 am
our own mike inoywe is there today. they sponsor this event every year. it's a mix of tradition and fun. the annual event sponsors the spirits -- rather honors the spirits who have died. it will be held from noon until 8:30 tonight at the mountain view buddhist temple on north shoreline boulevard. if you are in oakland today but not headed to the mc hammer bobblehead a's game, you could have the pick of the litter at the east bay spca. today their annual adopt-a-thon and they have more than 100 dogs, cats and animals for new families. it is from 10:00 this morning until 3:00 this afternoon at the farmers market at jack london square in oakland. there are cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and even a few reptiles. there will also be a kid zone and experts to answer your questions about animal behavior and microchipping. and in san jose, a free fur all at the city's animal
7:57 am
shelter. no adoption fees for chihuahuas and pit bulls. the folks say they're dealing with a steady increase in the number of dogs they are receiving there. for the last four years the shelter has handled at least 500 dogs, more than the previous year. most of them chihuahuas. and we do have some breaking news to report. british newspapers now report that there has been another arrest. former media operations head rebecca brooks, that's according to a former associate at the news international newspaper group, that is the group at the center of the phone hacking scand scandal. and finally, one fan attending a baseball game really felt like celebrating in front of his home team. >> getting a good rise out of the fans here. 30,896. >> nice to see the little gal getting in the action too. he danced and got his groove on in front of 30,000 seattle mariners fans. we're not sure what kind of dance he's performing but he seems to enjoy it and his kid
7:58 am
seems to be enjoying it as well. how cute is that. the mariners lost the game against the texas rangers. perhaps they were too distracted. thanks for making us a part of your weekend. we will have more lol news tonight for you at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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